Ionic Resins for Bio-Diesel

Alfa Chemistry has provided ionic resins for the preparation of biodiesel for many years. With the depletion of petroleum resources, renewable biodiesel prepared from animal and vegetable oils and fats has attracted widespread attention. Our ion exchange resins mainly synthesize biodiesel through a heterogeneous solid catalytic process, which has significant advantages in eliminating separation, corrosion, toxicity and environmental problems.

The preparation method of biodiesel

The preparation method of biodiesel

At present, the most widely used preparation of biodiesel is strong acid cation exchange resin. Ion-exchange resin-based solid catalysts are mainly used in esterification catalysis in two ways. One is to use the ion-exchange resin itself as a catalyst; the other is to load a commonly used catalyst on the resin as a synthesis catalyst. The strong acid cation exchange resin contains acidic groups, which can dissociate H+ and act as an inorganic acid to become an acid catalyst, which can catalyze the transesterification reaction at a lower temperature.

Most of the raw material oil of biodiesel is rapeseed oil. The high cost of rapeseed oil restricts the pan-industrialization of biodiesel. To reduce costs, a more economical method is to use waste oil as a raw material. It is worth noting that the recycled waste high-acid value animal and vegetable oils, refined vegetable oils, etc., must undergo process steps such as impurity removal, degumming, dehydration, and deacidification to reduce their acid value to meet the requirements of the catalytic reaction. At present, the technology of using ion exchange resin to convert waste oil into biodiesel is mature. It can also be used to catalyze the preparation of biodiesel by immobilizing lipase on the ion exchange resin. In addition, the by-products of biodiesel (such as glycerin, etc.) can also be refined through ion exchange resins.

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