Detection of Amino Acid by Ion Chromatography


Alfa Chemistry uses advanced ion chromatography technology to provide detection services for amino acids in food, animal and plant, pharmaceutical and other industries. We have a wide range of amino acid detection categories, especially free amino acids with natural structures. Just tell us your test items, and our analysis experts will develop an exclusive test solution for you.


As the basic structure of protein, amino acids are the material basis of life metabolism, are indispensable nutrients in the body, and play an important role in physiological activities. For example, lysine can promote brain development, regulate breast, corpus luteum and ovaries, and prevent cell degradation; methionine is involved in the composition of hemoglobin, tissues and serum, and promotes the functions of spleen, pancreas and lymph; if the human body lacks any essential amino acid may cause abnormal physiological function, affect the normal progress of antibody metabolism, and finally cause disease. In addition, amino acids have important applications in industries such as medicine, food, feed, and chemicals. The free amino acid is an important indicator to measure the quality of animals, plants and food, and can also be used as an evaluation indicator for screening and diagnosing genetic metabolic diseases. In summary, the analysis and detection of amino acids is of great significance in various fields (such as food, feed, cosmetics, clinical medicine, proteomics, etc.).

As a highly polar analyte with both acid and alkali ionization functions, amino acids are not suitable for conventional reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography or gas chromatography analysis. The following table lists the commonly used detection methods for amino acids, mainly including spectrophotometry, ion chromatography-integrated pulsed amperometric method, amino acid analyzer method, high performance liquid chromatography and liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry, supercritical fluid chromatography and so on.

Table 1 Analysis methods and advantages and disadvantages of amino acids

Analysis  methods and advantages and disadvantages of amino acids

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