Ionic Resins for Plant Extraction & Separation

Alfa Chemistry provides ion exchange resins for plant extraction & separation. The research on the relationship between plant structure and physiological activity and its comprehensive utilization are the current key topics. Because the ion exchange resin extraction and separation technology equipment are simple, the operation is convenient, the production continuity degree is high, and the obtained products are often high in purity. The cost is low, so ion exchange resins are increasingly widely used in the research and production of plant extraction and separation.

ion exchange resins

Cationic resins can be used to extract alkaloids from Chinese herbal medicines. After the resin adsorbs the total alkaloids, according to the alkaline difference of the alkaloid components, a distributed elution or distributed extraction method can be used to separate the various alkaloid components one by one.

Plant Extraction and Separation

In addition to extracting and separating alkaloids, the application of ion exchange resins in plants also includes extracting xylo-oligosaccharides from plant fibers; extracting and purifying purified ginsenosides for industrial use; determining the total ribonucleic acid library in plant materials; Anthocyanins are extracted from grapes; used for deodorization of citrus juice; dried leaves are subjected to solvent extraction, homogenization, and fractionation of extracts to produce an antibiotic containing active parts of indica leaf extract for inhibiting blood coagulation, for example Coagulant composition; Purification of fructans from dahlia tubers with different inulin chain length distribution; Specific removal of lignin derivatives from wood hydrolysates; Extraction and separation of polyphenols, caffeine and theanine in green tea; Optimization and purification of levulinic acid extracted from bagasse.

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