Reversible Swelling Rate Analysis of Ionic Resins


Alfa Chemistry provides testing services for the swelling rate of ion exchange resins. When designing the cylinder body of the ion exchanger body, the regeneration device and the water distribution device, the expansion rate of the resin transformation and the volume change rate need to be considered first, to adapt to the change of the resin volume in the resin layer during production operation. To enable customers to better design ion exchange devices and increase the project landing speed, our swelling rate analysis is very necessary. We can ensure the accuracy of the analysis results and provide technical solutions for you when designing ion exchange devices.

What is the swelling rate of ion exchange resins?

The swelling rate of ion exchange resin is divided into irreversible swelling and transformation swelling. The volume of the new ion exchange resin is unstable. Due to the short production process and the entanglement of the polymer chain, it cannot be fully swollen. After several cycles of use, the polymer skeleton is fully swelled and the resin volume stabilizes. The height of the resin layer loaded into the exchanger will increase after several cycles of use. Because this swelling is irreversible, it is called irreversible swelling. The main factor that affects the irreversible swelling of the resin is the post-treatment of the resin manufacturing process. If the post-treatment time is longer and the transformation and cleaning are sufficient, the irreversible swelling is relatively small.

Ion exchange resins contain many hydrophilic groups, which will swell when contacted with water. When the ions in the resin change, such as the cationic resin from H+ to Na+ and the anionic resin from Cl- to OH-, both swell due to the increase in ion diameter, increasing the volume of the resin. This is a reversible swelling. Generally, resins with a low degree of crosslinking have more swelling. When designing the ion exchange device, the swelling degree of the resin must be considered to adapt to the resin volume change caused by the ion conversion in the resin during production operation.

Analytical methods

Our analysis method is applicable to various types of ion exchange resins. For resins containing more weak groups, the measurement can be made as weak resins.

The schematic diagram of ion exchange resin swelling rate detectionFig.1 The schematic diagram of ion exchange resin swelling rate detection

Our Goals

Our Goals

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