Detection of Anions by Ion Chromatography


As your reliable chromatographic analysis expert, Alfa Chemistry provides a series of anion detection services. Our anion detection range includes F-, Cl-, NO3-, NO2-, SO42- and Br- etc. Whether it is water samples, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals, it is our service scope. We will test the whole process according to your requirements, and deliver the test results to your hands as quickly as possible.


The rapid development of industry, mining and other industries has led to a sharp increase in the content of chloride, sulfate, nitrate, and nitrite in the environment. As an effective trace ion analysis method, ion chromatography can be used for various inorganic anions in various environmental (such as water, soil) samples. In addition, ion chromatography is also very applicable in the drug testing process, which can meet the needs of drug testing to the greatest extent and effectively guarantee the quality of drugs. Ion chromatography can also determine anions in cosmetics. Common measuring methods include volumetric method, potentiometric method and spectrophotometry, etc. They are cumbersome to operate, low sensitivity, many interference factors, time-consuming and laborious. In the application of ion chromatography, the sample only needs to undergo simple pretreatment, which has the characteristics of simplicity, rapidity, good selectivity, high sensitivity, high accuracy, and simultaneous determination of trace and ultra-trace multi-component anions.

Detection of Anions by Ion Chromatography

Inspection Process

The workflow for detecting anions using ion chromatography is as follows:

  • Determine chromatographic conditions
  • Such as mobile phase, eluent, flow rate, injection volume, column temperature, etc.

  • Calibration curve
  • Prepare the mixed standard series working solution, draw the calibration curve with the concentration as the abscissa and the peak area as the ordinate.

  • Sample processing
  • The samples should be sealed and stored at room temperature for analysis as soon as possible. After the unknown sample is ultrasonically processed, the bubbles in the water are removed, the suspended particles are removed through the filter membrane, and then the sample is injected for analysis. The samples containing organic matter are filtered through C18 column first. If it exceeds the upper limit of the calibration curve, it needs to be diluted with ultrapure water and then filtered through a filter membrane and then injected for analysis.

Alfa Chemistry's anion chromatographic analysis covers a variety of industries. To ensure the accuracy of the test results, we will update our instruments and equipment in a timely manner, and perform regular maintenance and calibration. We will also regularly train our instrument users to ensure the smooth progress of the test. Our customers can directly contact our experts and provide timely feedback on any online inquiries. If you are interested in our services, please contact us.

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