Oxygen Consumption Analysis of Ionic Resins


As a professional resin analysis company, Alfa Chemistry provides oxygen consumption analysis services to our customers. Oxygen consumption can reflect the degree of resin contamination by organic matter. When the resin is contaminated by organic matter, it will affect the quality of the product, so regular testing is required. In addition to inspection services, we also provide resin cleaning and replacement services. Your choice is our quality guarantee.


Oxygen consumption is one of the indicators that reflect the pollution of water quality. It does not reflect the characteristics of those specific pollutants but the commonality that each pollutant can be oxidized by strong oxidants. Oxygen consumption is to add a certain amount of potassium permanganate solution to the sample, and after heating under acidic conditions for a certain period, determine the amount of potassium permanganate consumed by O2 (O2mg/L). It reflects the suspended and can be the amount of dissolved organic and inorganic substances that can be oxidized by potassium permanganate.

Oxygen Consumption Analysis

Organics are very harmful to industrial ion resin processing systems, especially anionic resins. It will cause the resin's work exchange capacity to decline, and even cause system corrosion and microbial reproduction. Not only reduces the output, but also seriously affects the quality of the water. By checking the oxygen consumption, you can effectively determine whether the resin is contaminated by organic matter, which is an indispensable key step in the resin industrial production.

Table1 Oxygen consumption (COD) index value in drinking water quality standards of all countries in the world mg O2/L

Oxygen consumption (COD) index value in drinking water quality standards of all countries in the world mg O2/L

Our Goals

Our Goals

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