Related Characteristics Analysis of Ionic Resins


Alfa Chemistry provides ion exchange resin analysis services, whether new resins or spent resins. In addition to the conventional performance analysis of ion exchange resins, our experts can also provide other more elaborated analyses according to the special requirements of customers. Furthermore, the optimization plan of the resins performance can also be presented based on the analysis results. In short, ALFA Chemistry focuses on the entire process of resin analysis.

General Analysis

General Analysis
  • Exchange Capacity
  • Including total exchange capacity, group exchange capacity, balanced exchange capacity, working exchange capacity, and leakage exchange capacity.

  • Density
  • Including specific density and bulk density.

  • Moisture
  • Also called water retention rate, water content.

  • Particle Size
  • Including particle size range, effective particle size and uniformity coefficient.

  • Mechanical Strength
  • Including sphericity after attrition or osmotic-attrition.

More Elaborated Analysis

Alfa Chemistry is a professional resin analysis company. We have professional technicians and experimental equipments to solve your needs wholeheartedly. In addition, we also provide you with professional consulting services, whether it is a series of issues such as material development or process improvement. If you have any questions about resin analysis, you can directly contact us. We are dedicated to provide you with quality services at any time. We look forward to your inquiry.

Resin Analysis

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