Density Analysis of Ionic Resins


Alfa Chemistry can perform density analysis on ion exchange resin samples provided by customers. We have been maintaining long-term cooperative relationships with many domestic and foreign customers. This experience ensures that we understand our customers' needs and allows us to continuously upgrade our services to target specific analyses that are of interest to customers. We can guarantee the validity and accuracy of the analysis results. The content we measure includes specific density and density, as well as other density-related analyses required by customers.

What is the exchange capacity of ion exchange resins?

The density of the ion exchange resin refers to the weight/volume of the resin. The density of the resin when it is dry is called the true density, and the density of the wet resin is called the apparent density. The wet true density, also known as specific density, refers to the density of the resin after absorbing moisture, usually between 1.04-1.3. The wet apparent density is also called the bulk density. Generally speaking, the bulk density of cation exchange resin is 0.65~0.85, and that of anion resin is 0.60~0.80. The density of the resin is related to its degree of crosslinking and the nature of the exchange group. Generally, a resin with a high degree of crosslinking has a higher density, a strong acid or a strong basic resin has a higher density than a weak acid or weak basic resin, and a macroporous resin has a lower density.

Analytical methods

The density of the ion exchange resin is measured by a densitometer, as shown in Figure 1(a). The density meter needs volume calibration before use. We provide the density measurement of various ion exchange resins. Figure 1(b) describes the main operating procedures of the two density measurement methods.

(a) Ion exchange resin density meter, (b) density test processFig.1 (a) Ion exchange resin density meter, (b) density test process

Our Goals

Our Goals

Alfa Chemistry is a company with advanced resin analysis technology. Our pursuit is to provide you with comprehensive resin analysis services, aiming to help you efficiently solve the problem of improving product quality and accelerating the research and development of new materials. Relying on the cooperation with various enterprises and institutions, we have accumulated many years of industry experience, and we guarantee that you will receive the most professional analysis services. We are accelerating the construction of an integrated platform to better respond to customer needs. If you have any questions about resin analysis, you can directly contact us. We are dedicated to provide you with quality services at any time. We look forward to your inquiry.

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