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As a professional analysis service company, Alfa Chemistry has been solving industrial and commercial problems through analytical chemistry, providing comprehensive and accurate chemical analysis and testing services for companies seeking answers to difficult problems. Chemical analysis helps you to better understand the product, so that your project can be completed on schedule.

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  • Fourier infrared analysis (FT-IR)

In the synthesis process of ion exchange resins, especially the introduction of functional groups, directly affect the ion exchange characteristics of the resin. The backbone structure and functional groups of the resin can be characterized by FT-IR. Some scholars added ionic functional groups to the cross-linked ion exchange resin to synthesize a new type of pH-sensitive ion exchange resin. They used FT-IR to confirm the formation of ionic microspheres. The results show that the carbonyl functional group of the acrylate has an obvious peak at 1680 cm-1, and the absorption band at 2921 cm-1 is due to the C-H stretching of the CH2 group formed by the cross-linking reaction with DVB. The peak at 1128 cm-1 is due to the stretching of the sulfonic acid group. In addition, there is a broad peak at 3438 cm-1 due to the presence of residual water.

FTIR Spectrum of Ionic Microspheres of MAA/StyreneFig. 1 FTIR Spectrum of Ionic Microspheres of MAA/Styrene (Liu H, et al. 2005)

  • Scanning Electron Microscope Analysis (SEM)

The microscopic morphology of ionic resins can be observed by SEM. The researchers prepared a novel bifunctional amphiphilic adsorbent of amine and carboxyl by gamma irradiation and analyzed its morphology by SEM. It can be seen from Fig. 2 that the resin is formed by small aggregates containing highly porous surface structures. It was observed that the polymer contains a network of interconnected pore flows located in the micron range after the gamma polymerization process.

SEM images of p(AA-DMAEM) recorded at ×50 and ×500, respectivelyFig. 2 SEM images of p(AA-DMAEM) recorded at ×50 and ×500, respectively (Massoud A, et al. 2014)

Our Goals

Our Goals

Alfa Chemistry is a company with advanced resin analysis technology. Our pursuit is to provide you with comprehensive resin analysis services, aiming to help you efficiently solve the problem of improving product quality and accelerating the research and development of new materials. Relying on the cooperation with various enterprises and institutions, we have accumulated many years of industry experience, and we guarantee that you will receive the most professional analysis services. We are accelerating the construction of an integrated platform to better respond to customer needs. If you have any questions about resin analysis, you can directly contact us. We are dedicated to provide you with quality services at any time. We look forward to your inquiry.


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