Custom Ionic Resins


As an expert in the resin field, Alfa Chemistry can not only provide high-quality resin products, but also customize various types of resins. We have a strong team of experts that can make you feel an unparalleled service experience. It is worth mentioning that we will select suitable experts from our expert team according to your customization needs to form a customized team dedicated to you and provide one-to-one customized services. Our custom resins include the following types:

  • Cationic resins
  • Anion resins
  • Mixed bed resins
  • Chelating resins
  • Adsorption resins
  • Catalytic resins
  • Chromatography resin
  • Other resins

Application of custom resin

The application field of ion exchange resin is very wide. In terms of environmental protection, ion exchange resins can be used to solve many non-aqueous solutions or aqueous solutions containing non-ionic substances and toxic ions, such as recycling valuable substances in film production waste liquid, removing metal ions in electroplating waste liquid. In the treatment of water, it can be used for water softening and desalination to produce ultrapure water, softened water, and pure water. In the production of monosodium glutamate, wine, sugar and other industries, ion exchange resins also give full play to their own advantages such as deodorization, color removal, purification, separation, and catalysis. Regarding biopharmaceuticals and chemicals, it can efficiently separate, concentrate, and purify. Of course, the scope of ion exchange resin is not only these aspects, but also plays a vital role in petrochemical industry, hydrometallurgy, and other aspects. We can customize ion exchange resins in any of the above fields.

Prussian blue-decorated Cs ion exchange resins with polydopamine as a linkerFig.1 Prussian blue-decorated Cs ion exchange resins with polydopamine as a linker (Eunbee Cho., et al, 2019)

Custom Resin Process

Custom Resin Process

Based on the accumulated experience and data of ion exchange resins, Alfa Chemistry will research and develop special solutions for you. We develop new ion exchange resins for you according to your system requirements. Our colleagues in the technical center are very professional in resin research and provide high-quality technical services. Our customers can directly contact our experts and provide timely feedback on any online inquiries. If you are interested in our services, please contact us.


  1. Eunbee Cho., et al. Prussian blue-decorated Cs ion exchange resins with polydopamine as a linker. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals. 2019, 686(1):9-17.

If the product of interest is not available in our catalog, please contact us to see if there is any relevant stock or other purchase channels.

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