Heat Resistance Analysis of Ionic Resins


Alfa Chemistry can provide professional resin heat resistance analysis. We have a long-term grasp of the latest information about ion exchange resins. We will provide regular training to the technical team to ensure that we always provide satisfactory services to customers. We can also propose a resin modification plan based on the analysis results.


The heat resistance of ion exchange resin indicates its ability to maintain its physical and chemical properties when heated. For example, the type I strong basic anion exchange resin has poor heat resistance, indicating that the strong alkali group after heating is easy to degrade or fall off, which reduces the exchange capacity and alkalinity, and affects the use effect. Through research on heat resistance, it can be determined:

  • Permissible temperature for long-term use of resin
  • The difference in resin heat resistance under different ion types
  • Relationship between resin structure and heat resistance
  • Thermal decomposition products

TG-DTG curves of nanoscale humic acid based ion exchange composite resinFig.1 TG-DTG curves of nanoscale humic acid based ion exchange composite resin (Cheng L, et al. 2016)

Thermogravimetric analysis is an important means to characterize the thermodynamic stability of polymer materials. By detecting the relationship between the weight loss rate of the sample and the temperature change, the internal structure change of the material during the heating process can be reflected. Figure 1 is the TG-DTG curve of the nano-scale humic acid-based ion exchange composite resin. The composite resin material loses weight in the range of 30-120°C due to water evaporation, and there are two more at 406.8°C and 474.5°C that can be classified as amino and the strong weight loss peak caused by the thermal degradation of the nano-humic acid skeleton. The total weight loss rate is 79.06%.The overall results from the thermal weight loss show that the ion exchange composite resin hardly undergoes thermal decomposition below 300°C and has good thermal stability.

Our Goals

Our Goals

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