Exchange Capacity Analysis of Ionic Resins


Alfa Chemistry can perform exchange capacity analysis on ion exchange resin samples provided by customers. Our experienced technical team has reached a long-term cooperative relationship with many domestic and foreign customers, so we can guarantee the validity and accuracy of the analysis results. The content we measured includes total exchange capacity, group exchange capacity, balanced exchange capacity, working exchange capacity, leakage exchange capacity and other types of exchange capacity proposed by customers.

What is the exchange capacity of ion exchange resins?

As an organic exchanger for high molecular weight polymers, the backbone of the ion exchange resin has a network structure with many active groups that can exchange ions in the solution, such as sulfonic acid groups and carboxyl groups. The exchange capacity refers to the number of ions that can be exchanged by the active groups contained in the ion exchange resin, and is an important index for evaluating the exchange capacity of the ion exchange resin.

Analytical methods

Static method and dynamic method are the common measurement methods of exchange capacity. The experimental operation of these two measurement methods is simple, and it is easy to be applied in the laboratory and production research. In addition, testing methods such as ultrasonic treatment, flow injection ion selective electrode method, and infrared spectroscopy have also been developed to study the exchange capacity of specific ion exchange resins. We will select the most suitable measurement method based on the samples provided by the customers.

FIA-ISE system to automatically measure the performance of cation exchange resinsFig.1 FIA-ISE system to automatically measure the performance of cation exchange resins (Li Yong-Sheng, et al., 2008)

Our Goals

Our Goals

Alfa Chemistry is a company with advanced resin analysis technology. Our pursuit is to provide you with comprehensive resin analysis services, aiming to help you efficiently solve the problem of improving product quality and accelerating the research and development of new materials. Relying on the cooperation with various enterprises and institutions, we have accumulated many years of industry experience, and we guarantee that you will receive the most professional analysis services. We are accelerating the construction of an integrated platform to better respond to customer needs. If you have any questions about resin analysis, you can directly contact us. We are dedicated to provide you with quality services at any time. We look forward to your inquiry.


  1. Li Yong-Sheng, et al. "Determination method for exchange capacity of cation exchange resins based on flow injection-ion selected electrode." Chinese J. Anal. Chem. 2008, 32(6)787-790.

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