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Ion exchange resins are a class of polymer compounds with functional groups and a network structure. They are usually spherical particles in shape. Divided by functional groups, ion resins can be divided into anion exchange resins and cation exchange resins; and by pore structure, they can be divided into gel type and macroporous type. Ion exchange resins have the functions of exchange, selection, adsorption and catalysis, and are widely used in water treatment, food processing, hydrometallurgy, environmental protection, medicine and health, biological engineering and other fields. Ion exchange membranes and ion exchange columns are derivatives of ion exchange resins. Alfa Chemistry provides customers with the following products.

Ion Exchange Resins

Ion Exchange Resins

Alfa Chemistry provides a variety of ion exchange resin products, including cation exchange resins, anion exchange resins, mixed bed resins, adsorption resins, chelating resins, etc.

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Ion Exchange Columns

Alfa Chemistry offers ion exchange columns of various models and applications.

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Ion Exchange Membrane

Ion Exchange Membranes

With its expertise in ion exchange membranes, Alfa Chemistry has developed a variety of ion membrane products with excellent performance, including anion and cation membranes, bipolar membranes, etc.

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