Ionic Resins for Chemical & Special Processes

Alfa Chemistry provides ion exchange resins for special processes. With the advancement of technology, general-purpose resins cannot meet the needs of industry development, and the demand for resins for special processes is increasing. Alfa Chemistry has adhered to customer demand for many years and has developed many ion exchange resins for special processes. Our special process resins involve various industries, especially the chemical industry.

Chemical & Special Processes

Over the years, ion exchange resins have contributed to drinking water, food, catalysis and other industries. With the continuous development of innovative technologies, the demand for ionic resins in some cutting-edge industries has gradually expanded, such as power, semiconductors, batteries, microelectronics and fuel industries. Ion exchange resins are used to provide ultrapure water, which can be used in the semiconductor, microchip, and wafer industries. In recent years, the development of the large-scale integrated circuit industry has driven the production and sales of ion exchange and adsorption resins. The demand for special process resins has gradually surpassed that of general-purpose resins, and it is believed that this gap will be further widened soon.

Common applications include:

  • Recycling and purification of tetramethylammonium hydroxide used in the production process of various electrical and electronic components, such as semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, and printed circuit boards.
  • Recovery of hydrofluoric acid (HF) from spent semiconducting acid solution.
  • The three-step method eliminates the metal ions in the SiO2 colloid.
  • Recycling 2-propanol solvent waste generated in the semiconductor industry.
  • Deal with nickel pollution from the combustion of coal and heavy fuel oil, mining and oil refining operations, municipal waste incineration and wind dust, electroplating, battery industry, metal surface treatment and tableware electroplating.

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