Catalysis of Alkylation & Acylation Reactions by Ionic Resins


Alfa Chemistry helps you design your alkylation and acylation reaction processes. Our ionic resin catalyst has excellent catalytic effect, convenient separation steps and high product conversion rate. We have a variety of service methods for you to choose from. We can provide end-to-end synthesis services or provide you with high-quality resin catalysts.


Alkylation and acylation reactions are one of the most important catalytic processes in the chemical industry. Alkylation refers to the transfer of alkyl groups from one molecule to another, while acylation refers to the substitution of hydrogen or other groups by acyl groups. Alkylation and acylation reactions are synthesis methods of chemical products such as fuels, fragrances, medicines, cleaning products, or their intermediate products. As the important type of organic synthesis reaction, the traditional catalysts for alkylation and acylation reactions are homogeneous catalysts such as AlCl3 and H2SO4. These homogeneous catalysts have many disadvantages, such as being highly corrosive to equipment, requiring neutralization and separation, and environmental pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a new type of acid catalyst. Ion exchange resin is a heterogeneous solid acid catalyst, which is not only easy to separate but also recyclable, and can replace traditional catalysts in alkylation and acylation reactions.

Alkylation processFig.1 Alkylation process(Lachter, E. R.,et al.,2019)

What We Offer

Our alkylation and acylation synthesis services include but are not limited to the following types:

  • Alkylation of Alkenes with Isoalkanes
  • Alkylation of Sulfur Compounds with Olefins
  • Alkylation of Aromatic Compounds
  • Alkylation of Phenol
  • Alkylation of Furan and Indol Derivatives
  • Acylation of Acid Anhydride and Furan
  • Acylation of Anisole

We also provide ionic resin composite catalysts, such as resin and heteropoly acid composite, resin and silica, silicon nanomaterial composite, etc.

As an expert in the field of ionic resin and organic synthesis, Alfa Chemistry focuses on the application of ionic resin catalysts in organic synthesis. We provide various types of ionic resin catalysts, which can be used in a variety of organic reactions. Our goal is to help you speed up your synthesis process. Our customers can directly contact our experts and provide timely feedback on any online inquiries. If you are interested in our services, please contact us.


  1. Lachter, E. R.,et al.Use of Ion-Exchange Resins in Alkylation Reactions. Applications of Ion Exchange Materials in Chemical and Food Industries,2019.

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