Elemental Analysis of Chemical Substances


Alfa Chemistry provides elemental analysis services with accurate results. Compared with industrial analysis, elemental analysis testing can produce a wider range of results. Ion exchange resins are widely used in various fields of biology, chemistry, geology, medicine and ecology. There are abundant experimental data on the adsorption of these resins and the separation of elements. Alfa Chemistry is a global leader in the field of chemical analysis. In our technologically advanced laboratory, we provide timely, accurate and independent test results for your samples through elemental analysis.


The ion exchange method is a well-known, versatile and highly applicable technique for separating and isolating dissolved element ions. The advantage of this method is that the equipment used is simple, and the operation is simple, and the adsorbent can be regenerated. For these reasons, many ion exchange and chelating resins have been developed. In nuclear medicine, different radionuclides are used to synthesize radiopharmaceuticals, and ion exchange resins are often used to prepare these drugs. For nuclear medicine, it is very important to obtain radiopharmaceuticals with the highest specific activity. Therefore, the resulting product must have accurate element content.


The use of inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) allows adsorption experiments to be performed for a wide range of elements. It is worth noting that it is preferable to use elemental standards with known concentrations. Due to the low elemental concentrations in the standards (and even lower in the prepared solutions), impurities that can complex with the ions of interest must be considered when determining the distribution coefficients (Kd) of multiple elements.

Elemental Analysis

Our Goals

Our Goals

Alfa Chemistry is a company with advanced resin analysis technology. Our pursuit is to provide you with comprehensive resin analysis services, aiming to help you efficiently solve the problem of improving product quality and accelerating the research and development of new materials. Relying on the cooperation with various enterprises and institutions, we have accumulated many years of industry experience, and we guarantee that you will receive the most professional analysis services. We are accelerating the construction of an integrated platform to better respond to customer needs. If you have any questions about resin analysis, you can directly contact us. We are dedicated to provide you with quality services at any time. We look forward to your inquiry.


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