Ionic Resins for Water Treatment

Alfa Chemistry has provided resins for the water treatment field for many years. The industries we are involved in include drinking water, wastewater, industrial water, groundwater, etc. Our powerful database allows us to be familiar with the latest regulations and related information in various countries and industries. We provide professional solutions for water treatment.

Fresh water is the basic source of mankind. Therefore, the recent decrease in fresh water and the increase in water pollution are urgent issues that seriously affect people and the environment around the world. Providing safe drinking water is one of the major engineering challenges. Rapid industrialization has resulted in the production of a large amount of wastewater, and its treatment has become very indispensable. (Sevda, et al. 2018)

In the water treatment process, the use of ion exchange resin is very wide. In water supply treatment, it can be used for water softening and desalination to produce softened water, pure water and ultrapure water; in wastewater treatment, certain harmful substances in wastewater can be removed, and valuable chemicals, heavy metals and rare elements can be recovered; In the chemical industry, biological pharmacy, etc., it can effectively carry out separation, concentration, purification, etc.

The ion exchange process has the advantages of deep purification, high efficiency and comprehensive recovery. It can be used to remove various pollutants in drinking water and has been increasingly used in recent years. With the development of industry to high technology, higher purity requirements are also put forward for the quality of industrial water. In addition, advanced treatment of environmental wastewater has become more necessary, and ion exchange technology therefore occupies a very important position. It has been adopted more and more in recent years.

Water Treatment

Common applications for ion exchange resin in water treatment include:

  • Boron
  • Chromium
  • Nitrate
  • Natural organic matter (NOM), such as quaternary ammonium compounds, etc.
  • Bromide
  • Softened water
  • Ultra-pure water
  • Nitrate
  • Sulfate
  • Radionuclide
  • Perchlorate


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