Neutral Salt Decomposition Capacity Analysis of Ionic Resins


Alfa Chemistry's neutral salt decomposition test service can provide strong data support for customers to choose resins. Our analysis laboratory is equipped with the most advanced equipment and instruments, which are operated by trained professional and technical personnel. Our service tenet is to provide you with the most professional resin analysis services.

What is the neutral salt decomposition capacity?

Since the strong acid H-type cation exchange resin or the strong base OH-type anion exchange resin has a strong ionization ability in water, when they encounter neutral salts in water, they can react with these "neutral salts" and generate strong acids or strong acids. Alkali. This ability of ion exchange resins is called neutral salt decomposition ability. The stronger this ability, the stronger the exchange capacity for neutral salt in the water. The "neutral salt" decomposition ability of weak acid cation resin or weak base anion resin is extremely weak. Therefore, this is also an important sign to distinguish between "strong" and "weak" ion exchange resins.

Reaction equationFig.1 Reaction equation

The determination of the decomposition capacity of the neutral salt of the resin is mainly to determine the composition of the strong acid or strong base group in the resin. Therefore, the composition of the resin exchange group is different, so that the ion exchange and adsorption strength in water are also different. In addition, the detection of the decomposition of neutral salts is also the measurement of the dissociation ability of the resin exchange group. If the dissociation ability is strong, the ion exchange rate is fast, otherwise, it is slow. Detecting the neutral salt decomposition capacity of the resin is very important for selecting the resin.

Our Goals

Our Goals

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