Anion Exchange Membranes,Thickness:300饾渿m

Catalog Number ACMA00033518
Color Form Off-White/Beige
Feature High temperature resistance, alkali resistance
Ionic Form Br-
Mobility >95%
Moisture Content 33%-38%
Notice For Use 路Soak in 5% NaCl solution for 24 hours for pretreatment
路Use under humid conditions to avoid dryness
路Avoid excessive bending, folding and close to sharp objects
路Store in 1-52% sodium chloride solution and avoid light
路Avoid use in solutions containing oils, oxidizing substances (concentrated nitric acid, perchloric acid, etc.) and ionic high molecular weight organic compounds (surfactants, etc.)
pH Range 1.0-14
Product Type Anion
Rupture Strength 12Mpa
Selectivity 90%
Sheet Resistance 20(0.5mol/L NaCl)饾浐路cm2
Size 1600脳2800mm, 1800脳5500mm, 5500脳11200mm, 11200脳11200mm
Specification Single Sheet
Thermal Stability 5掳C-120掳C
Thickness 300饾渿m

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