Bipolar Membranes,Thickness:150饾渿m-250饾渿m

Catalog Number ACMA00033541
Application 路Preparation of inorganic acids and bases
路Flue gas desulfurization
Color Form Off-White/Beige
Feature Acid permeability
Moisture Content 35%-43%
Notice For Use 路Soak in 5% NaCl solution for 24 hours for pretreatment
路Use under humid conditions to avoid dryness
路Avoid excessive bending, folding and close to sharp objects
路Store in 1-76% sodium chloride solution and avoid light
路Avoid use in solutions containing oils, oxidizing substances (concentrated nitric acid, perchloric acid, etc.) and ionic high molecular weight organic compounds (surfactants, etc.)
pH Range 1.0-14
Product Type Bipolar
Selectivity 90%-95%
Sheet Resistance <2饾浐路cm2
Size We can provide special customized size according to your requirement
Specification Single Sheet
Thermal Stability 5掳C-120掳C
Thickness 150饾渿m-250饾渿m

What are bipolar membranes (BPMs) composed of?

Bipolar membranes are composed of two layers: a negatively charged cation-exchange layer (CEL) and a positively charged anion-exchange layer (AEL).

What is the main function of a BPM?

The main function of a BPM is a disproportionation reaction, where water is electro-dissociated into protons and hydroxide ions at the bipolar junction.

How is water dissociation in BPMs different from water splitting in electrolysis?

Water dissociation in BPMs occurs within the membrane without any gas formation, whereas water splitting in electrolysis occurs at electrodes.

What are some methods used to study water dissociation and ion transfer in membranes?

Various methods such as voltammetry, chronopotentiometry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), and measuring ion transport numbers in the membranes can be used to study water dissociation and ion transfer in membranes.

How are the mechanical properties of IEMs determined?

The bursting strength and tensile strength of IEMs are usually measured using a Mullen tester and a Schopper's tension tester, respectively.

Why is shear stress analysis needed for bipolar membranes?

Shear stress analysis may be needed for bipolar membranes due to the presence of an interface between monolayers.

What are some possible causes of spontaneous delamination in membranes?

Possible causes of spontaneous delamination in membranes include high pressure in the bipolar junction, loss of fixed charges in the monopolar layers, and high rates of ion recombination.

What is transmittance in the context of BPMs?

Transmittance refers to the ability of BPMs to allow sunlight to pass through, which is important for certain applications such as water photo-electrolysis.

How much visible light can specially prepared BPMs transmit?

Specially prepared BPMs for water photo-electrolysis can transmit up to 75% of visible light.

What is the novel environmentally friendly technology that commercial BPMs have been examined for?

Commercial BPMs have been examined for water photo-electrolysis, which is a novel environmentally friendly technology.

Technical Information Research Information

Bipolar Membrane Electrodialysis Technology

Bipolar membrane electrodialysis (BMED) is a system that combines electrodialysis (ED) and bipolar membrane (BPM), developed for its ability to convert anions and cations into acids and bases, respectively.

  • How Bipolar Membrane Electrodialysis Works
  • BMED Compared with Other Membrane Processes
  • New Process of Bipolar Membrane Electrodialysis
Bipolar Membrane Electrodialysis Technology

Exploring Bipolar Membranes: An In-Depth Look at Structure and Applications

  • Structure and Composition of Bipolar Membrane
  • How Bipolar Membranes Work
  • Wide Range of Applications of Bipolar Membranes
  • Bipolar membranes for acid and alkali production and recycling
  • Bipolar membrane for CO2 capture
  • Bipolar membrane for flue gas desulfurization

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