Hard water softening resin,VolumeCapacity≥2.2meq/ml

Catalog Number ACMA00034177
Application ·Hard water softening
·Pure water preparation
Bulk Density 0.82-0.92g/ml
Color Form Brown yellow to grey
Functional Group Sulfonic Acid
Ionic Form Na+
Mass Capacity ≥4.2meq/ml
Max Swelling Rate Na+→ H+ ≤9%
Max Temperature Range Limited 100℃
Moisture Content 38-45%
Nature Cationic
Particle Size Range (≥95)
pH Range 1-14
Physical Description Spherical Beads
Shipping Weight 0.65-0.73g/mL
Volume Capacity ≥2.2meq/ml
Whole Beads ≥95%

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